Wednesday, April 1, 2009

CCCX XC #4 3/29/09

Greg Heinz(Joselyns/Burnham Coaching) put out the fastest times of the day.....
GT Dirt Coalition rider Keith DeFiebre......
The start of the Expert 35+ field before they hit the steep hill leading to the back country.....
Greg Heinz(Joselyns/Brunham Coaching) and MaryEllen-Ash(Sugar CRM) claimed top honors this past weekend at the CCCX XC #4 race held at Toro Park near Monterey. The Toro Park course features a steady climb of 2.5 miles with nearly 1000 feet elevation gained, followed by a ripping descent back down to the start-finish area. Recent trail work by course builder Keith DeFiebre(GT Dirt Coalition) made the route extremely fun to ride with the additions of berms, easy flowing rollers where riders can catch some air, and overall general trail maintenance. Over 180 riders tackled the challenging course. There was also a brand new section of single track trail used near the start finish making Toro Park one of the more scenic courses in Nor-Cal. In the end Heinz and Ellen Ash were strongest on the day. Heinz had to hold off hard charging former World Champion Rob Anderson(Team Specialized Racing), and Chad DeHerra(Willow Glen Bikes) who were 2nd and 3rd in the Pro/Semi Pro Division. While Mary Ellen-Ash outkicked Sharon Hill(Murray/Renaissance) for the win by a mere six seconds at the line. Carolina Villafane( was third in the Women's Pro/Expert Division.
Buy sponsored Carolina Villafane.......
Buy sponsored Mike Sooder......
Specialized sponsored Rob Anderson throwing it down.....
Alex Work & Eric Ebberoth.....
Buy Cell sponsored Julian Villafane.....
Scotts Valley's Brent Carkeet.....
Women's fastest on the day was Mary Ellen-Ash.....
A little show boating at the finish from the InfoVista Cycling Team...
Birthday Boy Courtnet Grossman......

Full results can be found here.....
Race winners on the day:
PRO/SEMI-PRO Greg Heinz Joselyn's/Burnham Coachin
EXPERT 18 & under Matt Dion Pleasanton
EXPERT 19-34 Nico Cerna VOS Racing
EXPERT 35-44 John Pattullo CCCX
EXPERT 45-54 Tim Sawyer Bicycle Trip/Team Symantec
EXPERT 60+ Larry Broberg Team Bicycle Trip
PRO/EXPERT SINGLE SPEED Erik Ebberoth Ebben Bikes
SPORT 18 & under Alex Wild EVOMO/ Trailhead
SPORT MEN 19-34 Joseph Brody Beaver Racing
SPORT MEN 35-44 Shane Flynn Hwy 68 Hillbillies
SPORT MEN 45-55 Jim Werle Sterling Sports Group
SPORT MEN 55+ Joseph Crabtree Forest Hill Bike Shop
SPORT SINGLE SPEED Jason McDonald Specialized
CLYDESDALE Daymon Prewitt Me
SPORT WOMEN 34 & under Megan Zemny Team Roaring Mouse
SPORT WOMEN 45+ Henrietta Stern Hot Flash Chicks
JUNIOR MEN 14-18 Nick Casaccia Family Cycling Center
BEGINNING MEN 19-34 Jett Chandler Salinas
BEGINNING MEN 35-44 Colin Gilbert Cavanaugh Color
BEGINNING MEN 45-54 Mark Knutson BSA Racing / SCCCC
BEGINNING MEN 55+ Rick Ortenblad Santa Cruz
JUNIOR MEN 13 & under Sagee Moyal Summit Bicycles
BEGINNING WOMEN 19+ Brianne Spiersch Joselyns
JUNIOR WOMEN 18 & under Rainee Chandler Salinas High

Monday, March 23, 2009

CCCX DH #2 TORO PARK 3/22/09

Men's Overall fastest Mark Weir(WTB/Fox Racing).....
Single Speed Winner Keith DeFiebre(GT Dirt Coalition/Calabazas Cyclery)...
Over 200 Downhill racers ventured to Toro Park for race #2 of the Central Coast Downhill Series on Sunday. A steady rain on Saturday night turned a dry course, into a perfectly watered down track that became grippy with great traction for most of the day. However high winds in some of the fire road sections hit riders directly head-on making for aerodynamics and power output a premium for a fast time.
Mark Weir(WTB/Fox) produced the fastest time of the day. Weir delivered a blistering run, manhandling the course to the tune of a 3.33'98''. 2nd overall fastest was Colorado Springs resident and X-Fusion/Intense sponsored Ryan Condrashoff at 3.35'21''. Condrashoff's team mate John Hauer(Team X-Fusion/Intense) was 3rd fastest with a time of 3.36'53''.
Keith DeFiebre(GT Dirt Coalition/Calabazas Cyclery) was the Single Speed Division winner. Scott Seery(Team Wrong Way) topped the Hardtail Division. While Aaron Crozier of San Jose was the Clydesdale Division winner.
Fastest overall Woman on the day was Rosie Bernhard( Another Bike Shop) with a time of 4.32'56''. Bernhard was followed by fast riding Heather McFadden(Chico) at 4.36'01''. While 3rd quickest female on the day was hard charging Kelly Moore(50/50 DH Race Team) riding to a time of 4.38'80''.
The top Junior rider was Alex Amaral(Fox Racing Shox/Point One Racing) who bombed down the hill with a time of 3.49'31''.
The next CCCX DH event will be held one week before the Sea Otter Classic on April 11.
All Division Winners:
EXPERT WOMEN Rosie Bernhard Another Bike Shop
SINGLE SPEED Keith DeFiebre GT Dirt Coalition/Calbazas
HARDTAIL Scott Seery Team Wrong Way
CLYDESDALE Aaron Crozier San Jose
EXPERT MEN 19-34 Marshall Eames WTB/Santa Cruz/ Fox Shox
EXPERT MEN 35-44 Andrew Reams Concord
EXPERT MEN 45-54 Patrick Tidd Hank & frank Bikes/Point One
SPORT 19-34 Van Geslani Team Possibilities
SPORT 35-44 Tyler Mollring Hwy 68 Hillbillies
SPORT MEN 45-54 Mark Aley BTU(Berkeley Trailors Union)BEGINNER MEN 19-34 Kenny Boyd Salinas
BEGINNER MEN 35-44 Richard Long Hwy 68 Hillbillies
BEGINNER MEN 45-54 Jeff Vandamme SCCCC
MEN'S 55+ Michael Kauert Mr. E's Racing
BEGINNING WOMEN Kelly Johnson Chainsmoke
JR. EXPERT Alex Amaral Fox Racing Shox/Point One
JR. BOYS 16-18 Kiran Mackinnon Aromas
JR. BOYS 14-15 Mark Berweger Santa Cruz
JR. 13 & under Drew Rausch Carmel Bicycle-Blue Whale
NO CHAIN T Asprey Watta Bike
PIXIE Kyle Krueger Larkspur
Full results can be found here-
Mr. E......

Kelly Moore(50/50 DH Race Team....
John Guio(Pico Performance).....
Joey Okamura(Monster).....
Family Cycling Center's Bob Barwick....
WTB's Kirk Desmond.....
Brian Zimmerman.....
Tony Tarumoto.....
Keith Morelan.....
Monster Sponsored DH Dude.....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

CCCX XC #3 3/15/09 @ Ft Ord- Monterey

Men's Overall Winner Menso DeJong- Santa Cruz Bicycles......
Keith DeFiebre....
SyCip's Mike Morgan....
Cisco Moran.....
VOS rider Courtney Grossman....
Fusion Sport's Nick Hanni....
Johnny Stallings.....
Michael Schaller.....
Rich Henthorn.....
Laura Jump.....
Junior Women winner Emily Cerna....

9:00 a.m. Men's start.....

The course featured multiple climbs, some very steep and demanding. Plus lots of fun single track riding. It was a picture perfect day for cycling.

Congratulations Race Winners~

PRO/SEMI-PRO Menso DeJong Santa Cruz Bicycles
EXPERT 19-34 Nico Cerna VOS Racing
EXPERT 35-44 Alexander Rouch Joselyns
EXPERT 45-54 Tim Sawyer Bicycle Trip/Team Symantec
EXPERT 60+ Jeffrey Linder Plus 3
PRO/EXPERT SINGLE SPEED Erik Ebberoth Ebben Bikes
PRO/EXPERT WOMEN Sharon Hill Murray/Rennaisance
SPORT 18 & under Scott Kolofer Salinas
SPORT MEN 19-34 Jonathan Schantz Santa Cruz
SPORT MEN 35-44 Angus Nesbitt Los Altos
SPORT MEN 45-55 Jim Werle Sterling Sports Group
SPORT MEN 55+ Joseph Crabtree Forest Hill Bike Shop
SPORT SINGLE SPEED Denis Goeury Peninsula Velo
CLYDESDALE Matthew Walters Team Wrong Way
SPORT WOMEN 34 & under Stacy Schoeder Family Cycling CTR.
SPORT WOMEN 35-44 Elke MacGregor Palo Alto
SPORT WOMEN 45+ Henrietta Stern Hot Flash Chicks
JUNIOR MEN 14-18 Nick Casaccia Famiily Cycling
BEGINNING MEN 19-34 Robert Fitzroy SLO
BEGINNING MEN 35-44 Peter Howarth San Jose Bicycle Club
BEGINNING MEN 45-54 Mark Knutson BSA Racing / SCCCC
JUNIOR MEN 13 & under Sagee Moyal Los Gatos
BEGINNING WOMEN 19+ Brianne Spiersch Joselyns
JUNIOR WOMEN 18 & under Emily Cerna Cowboy Racing

Monday, March 9, 2009

TBF Mountain Bike Challenge #3- March 8 2009

2009 TBF Mountain Bike Challenge #3

Perfect racing conditions greeted nearly 250 racers who contested the TBF Mountain Bike Challenge series final this past Sunday in Folsom. The TBF series uses a very challenging 6 mile course of mostly single track trails near the Granite Bay portion of Folsom Lake. The course is a true favorite of Nor-Cal MTB racers, as it is made up of 90% single track trails that are extremely fun to race on. This race was the final event of the 3 race MTB Challenge Series which made for very competitive racing in all divisions as series champions were crowned at the end of the day.

The top 5 fastest men were:
1- Nate Byrom 1:41:45 Pro
2- Cody Kaiser 1:41:46 19 & Under Expert
3- Chris Schulze 1:42:49 30-39 Expert
4- Keith DeFiebre 1:45:16 40-49 Expert
5- Clint Claassen 1:45:23 20-29 Expert

The top 3 fastest females were:
1- Shayna Powless 2:05:16 19 & Under Expert
2- Christine Weir 2:08:38 19 & Under Expert
3- Meiling Yee 2:11:59 40-49 Expert

Race day division winners:
Junior Female - Avery Morin
Junior Male- Neilson Powless
First Timer Female- Katie Zumpano
First Timer Male - Andy Litsas
Novice Female 19 and Under- Megan Marshall
Novice Female 20 - 29- Tina Kukharets
Novice Female 30 - 39- Gypsy Tippett
Novice Female 40 - 49- Joni Quam
Novice Female 50 - 59- Lynn Yelland
Novice Male 19 and Under- Patrick Herringshaw
Novice Male 20 - 29- Kenneth Nelson
Novice Male 30 - 39- Erik Mork
Novice Male 40 - 49- Ed Wallack
Novice Male 50-59- Rick McLure
Novice Male 60 +- George Palma
Sport Female 19 and Under- Victoria Yohan
Sport Female 20 - 29 - Angel Garbarino
Sport Female 30 - 39 - Kimberly Alvarez
Sport Female 40 - 49 - Linda Lindsay
Sport Female 50 - 59 - Suzanne Swimley
Sport Male 19 and Under - Max Houtzager
Sport Male 20 - 29- Antonio Miranda
Sport Male 30 - 39- Joshua Tonnissen
Sport Male 40 - 49- Pat Beckley
Sport Male 50 - 59 - Paul Falvey
Sport Male 60 + - Joseph Pritchard
Single Speed Female Open - Kim Passafiume
Single Speed Female Masters - Yvette Crockell
Single Speed Male Open - Galen Shumaker
Single Speed Male Masters - Marty Cunningham
Expert Female 19 and Under- Shayna Powless
Expert Female 30 - 39 - Jeanie Van Voris
Expert Female 40 - 49 - Meiling Yee
Expert Female 50 - 59 - Patty Jo Struve
Expert Male 19 and Under - Cody Kaiser
Expert Male 20 - 29 - Clint Claassen
Expert Male 30 - 39 - Chris Schulze
Expert Male 40 - 49- Keith DeFiebre
Expert Male 50 - 59 - Christopher Holmes
Pro Male- Nate Byrom

Division winners coming soon...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

CCCX #2 - 2/28/09 Ft. Ord Monterey

GT Dirt Coalition rider Keith DeFiebre...
Congratulations Division winners of CCCX XC #2. The course was a high speed affair which required fitness and bike handling skills to master. Here is a list of the best of the best on the day..

PRO/SEMI-PRO- Greg Heinz- Joselyn's/Burnham Coaching
EXPERT 19-34- Brian Butler- Joselyn's/Burnham Racing
EXPERT WOMEN 35+- Carrie Edwards- Team Roaring Mouse
PRO/EXPERT SINGLE SPEED - Erik Ebberoth- Ebben Bikes
EXPERT 35-44 - Alexander Rouch- Joselyns
EXPERT 45-54 - Tim Sawyer- Bicycle Trip/Team Symantec
EXPERT 60+ - Jeffrey Linder- Plus 3
SPORT 18 & under- Alex Wild- EVOMO/ Trailhead
SPORT MEN 19-34 - Joseph Brody- Beaver Racing
SPORT WOMEN 34 & under- Elizabeth Greenfield- SVR-C
SPORT WOMEN 35-44 - Jen Jordan- Hopkins Honda/ Code3
SPORT WOMEN 45+- Marnel King- Campbell
CLYDESDALE - Daymon Prewitt- ME
SPORT SINGLE SPEED - Chip Lomas- Hup United
SPORT MEN 55+- Joseph Crabtree- Forest Hill Bike Shop
SPORT MEN 45-55 - Jim Werle- Sterling Sports Group
SPORT MEN 35-44 - David Porter- TBS Racing
JUNIOR MEN 14-18 - Nick Casaccia- Family Cycling
BEGINNING MEN 19-34- Brandon Wehman- Monterey
JUNIOR WOMEN 18 & under- Emily Cerna- Salinas High
BEGINNING WOMEN 19+ - Brianne Spiersch- Joselyns
JUNIOR MEN 13 & under - Griffin Wiget- All Sport
BEGINNING MEN 55+- David Giannini- Harbor High
BEGINNING MEN 45-54 - Mark Knutson- BSA Racing
BEGINNING MEN 35-44 - Chris Baker- KNR Couriers

Sport Men 35+ Winner David Porter......
Scott Harper of Paso Robles....
Paris Loader....
VOS rider Scott Calley....
Specialized Justin Wolff....
Giant's Bob Mohan.....
Team Roaring Mouse's Carrie Edwards....
WTB's Jason Moeschler.....
Greg Galuppo....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

CCCX #1- A True Classic

As the rain kept dropping, CCCX X-C #1 turned into a true classic MTB race. Those who finished displayed character and determination and deserve respect. This was a race where it would have been all too easy to stop, quit, or not race at all. The ones who raced, persevered, and continued to fight to the finish on the demanding course are all hard Nor-Cal bicycle racers!

GT Dirt Coalition's Keith DeFiebre.....
Jeremy Loader....
Fusion Sport's Nick Hanni.....
Mark Faulkner of team Joselyn's/Burnham Coaching.....
Content Work's Danny McNaughton......
Menso DeJong- Pro/Expert winner....
Gary D'Aluisio.....
HRS/Rock Lobster rider Alex Work....
Cal Giant Inc. powered Casey O'brien....
Equipment was tested fully..........
Tim Sawyer of team Bicycle Trip/Team Symantec.....
James Lopez of team Joselyn's/Burnham Coaching.....
Team Specialized/Team Chico rider Corey Ward.........
Miles Niessier of team Arts Cyclery/Bionicom......
Expert 19-34 winner Brian Butler of team Joselyn's/Burnham Racing....
Classic race- Classic finish.....